Our Services

Malachi Financial Group offers many different services to help work towards meeting your financial goals and objectives.

Financial Services: We offer numerous investment products including money markets, stocks, bonds,  mutual funds, exchange traded funds, variableannuities, fixed annuities and REITS.

Retirement Strategies: We assist in developing investment strategies that considers such factors as age, income, risk level, years to retirement, retirement age, and inflation. We can assist you with Traditional IRA's, Roth IRA's and 401k  and pension rollover options.

Insurance Strategies: While probably the most neglected aspect of any strategy, identifying particular risks is of utmost importance and should be foundational to any strategy. After determining the amount of risk, we decide if that risk should be transferred to another entity or should be kept by the client. If transference of risk is preferable, we decide among many competing companies and policies as to who best to transfer a particular risk to. Such risks include disability, health, life, long term care, and others.

Education Strategies: Our assistance in this process is to identify resources to be used in planning for future educational expenses and to utilize Educational Savings Accounts (ESA or Educational IRA), 529 college savings plans, and UTMA Accounts (Uniform Transfer to Minor Act).

HSA: Health Savings Accounts have been enacted into law in January of 2004. These new health plans have replaced the previous Medical Savings Accounts. These plans differ from traditional health insurance plans in that the individual or family has a high deductible insurance plan but is offered a tax-deductible and tax-free account to be used for medical expenses. It differs mainly from the previous MSA in that everyone qualifies for an HSA whereas the MSA was only for self-employed individuals and their families.

  Representatives of Spire Securities do not offer tax advice.  Consult your tax professional for all tax matters.